About Us

Privee Designs is focused on transforming the retail space by providing a wide variety of turnkey solutions. With over 25 years of experience, our unique modern modular approach to retail design leads to a superior product that is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost effective.

What separates Privee Designs is the unique way in which we fabricate the walls that are used for retail displays, dressing rooms, break rooms, and other facets of design. The components of our designs are fabricated under factory- controlled conditions. This allows us to hold our products to a high level of quality control, as well as create a product that is inherently green.

At Privee Designs we possess a team of architects, engineers and design managers who take your plan from the design stage to its completion. Our team of experts is united in taking your vision for your store and making it a reality. We specialize in creating solutions ranging from maximizing space, to retail displays, to dressing rooms, as well as many other custom designs.

Our retail solutions are easily installed and come with the added benefit of easily being reconfigured. Additionally, all of our products are installed quickly without all the hassle and downtime that is associated with traditional methods of retail construction.

Would you like to learn more? Our design managers are looking forward to speaking with you and providing a unique turnkey solution for your store.