General Questions

1. What is the meaning for the word Privee?

Privee means “privacy” in French. We think that every changing room should be private, but a fitting room may not be. You may need to have a tailor doing a fitting of your garment.

2. Is there any difference in the names: changing rooms, fitting rooms or dressing rooms?

No, just different people and companies use different terminology.

3. Who is Tanwall and what do they manufacture?

TanWall, like Privee, is an Allied Modular company. TanWall manufactures modular walls specifically for the tanning industry.Privee manufactures strictly dressing rooms and fitting rooms for retail applications.

4. Who is Allied Modular Building Systems, what do they manufacture?

Allied Modular is the parent company of Privee. Allied Modular manufactures buildings for commercial and industrial applications. Products range from interior single and two-story offices to guardhouses and cleanrooms. They have been in business for more than 20 years

5. How do we know we are purchasing from a well know manufacturer of dressing rooms and fitting rooms?

Privee is backed by Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. which is the fastest growing modular company in the commercial building industry. Since the company was established in California over 20 years ago. Feel free to visit www.alliedmodular.com for more information.

6. How private are your dressing rooms or fitting rooms? Can someone peek under the walls?

Privee dressing rooms and fitting rooms are attached to your existing floor for maximum privacy.

7. Can I order fitting rooms with my own custom design?

Yes, we design fitting rooms and changing rooms to fit in the space that you have for dressing rooms and fitiing rooms. We can design these rooms in any configuration.

8. Can I reuse these dressing rooms or changing rooms if I move or relocate?

Absolutely. The flexibility of the Privee systems is one of its primary benefits. We keep all drawings on file forever. Contact us is you need to have another copy or help with the redesign or relocation.

9. Are these changing rooms, fitting rooms considered to be green or environmentally friendly?

Yes, since they are reusable, custom made-to-order, prefabricated, and made with partially recycled materials.

10. Do you offer field installation services?

We do provide site assembly, but most customers prefer to install these dressing rooms and fitting rooms themselves. We also can train your staff to install these walls as well.

11. Can I provide graphics for you to put of the outside of the fittings rooms for marketing, messaging and branding?

We can provide screen printing on your dressing rooms or fitting rooms to create custom marketing graphics and messaging for your business.

12. Is there technical support if I need help on the installation of a dressing room or fitting room?

Absolutely. Our technical staff is available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, to help with any technical questions. In some cases, we can charge you to have a weekend or after hours support.

13. What tools do I need to assemble this myself?

Please review the installtion instruction tool list for your dressing room or fitting room.

14. Do these fitting rooms or changing rooms come with installation instructions?

Each system includes detailed installation instructions and drawing which show you all the sizes of the panles and aluminum lay that enable you to successfully install your own Privee system.

15. Do these dressing rooms come with a detail drawing for use to use during assembly?

Yes, a drawing that is specifically for your dressing room or fitting room. It will be sent to you along with our general installation instructions.

16. Are these dressing rooms and fitting room drawings proprietary, can I get drawings from you and use them for other purposes?

All of the drawings that we produce are the property of Privee, Tanwall or Allied Modular. They can not be used for any other purpose without the expressed written concent.

17. Can you help me with color schemes and design my changing rooms?

We have a design staff available to help you custom-design your dressing rooms and fitting rooms to meet you space or room needs.

18. Can you provide room numbers for my changing room or fitting room?

We offer a full line of accessories, including room numbers. These can be applied with double sided tape or screws.

19. Can you create angles for my fitting room or dressing room?

Sure, not a problem. Angles are very stylish and break up the basic look of straight hallways. Wecan either provide 45 degree or 90 degree angles.