Design Build Dressing Rooms

Design Build Dressing Rooms

Privee’s design build modular dressing rooms, fitting rooms, and changing rooms are the perfect retail solution for your dressing room needs. Our dressing rooms are easily installed with no headaches or worries about patching and painting. Our walls are prefinished with the most durable vinyls and finishes, which makes them virtually maintenance free.
Privee’s wall systems are durable, cost efficient, attractive and 100% re-usable and relocatable. Furthermore, our rooms also offer some great tax deductions. We offer a wide variety of colors and facings, dressing room accessories, dressing room doors, walls, and finishes.

Design to Build Advantages

  • Work with design team to create the perfect solution and layout
  • Customized CAD drawings
  • Multiple color options to fit your specific color scheme
  • Custom add-ons, including slot wall for displays
  • Upgrade wall material
  • Made to fit any location and any size
  • Turn-key solution
  • Project Manager-guidance from creation to completion

Panel Colors

Privee wall panel colors

Trim Colors

Dressing Room Doors

Door Colors

* Standard door color is white. Black, silver, and custom colors are available upon request